Corporate Training


We provide bespoke corporate training based on your needs and requirements.

Our workforce packages are a very popular corporate offering. As an employer you will know that a stressed workforce is not a productive workforce.

See more information on how we might be able to cut the cost of stress in your workplace.

Please contact us to find out more, and discuss your training requirements.

Train the Trainers


Together, Mike and Sonya have over 35 years experience of helping people experiencing psychological distress to thrive and live well.

Over the past 15 years they have developed a reputation as being a great teaching and learning team. The pair have trained other health and social care professionals locally, nationally and internationally to deliver improved mental health care.

We can provide Train the Trainer courses for up to 25 people in a face-to-face format.

Please see some examples of Train the Trainer courses we have delivered.

However, should you need us to train a larger workforce, group we can do this using interactive webinar technology. This is a very cost-effective and efficient mode of training that we excel at.

If you are interested and want to find out more information please contact us.

Psychological Skills Training


We can train you and/or your workforce in psychological and therapeutic skills. We have provided this service to a variety of organisations. Some working directly with people to improve their mental health and wellbeing, and others who wanted to create their own ‘in house’ wellbeing support team to enhance the wellbeing of their workforce.

See any example of our psychological skills training content

Trail blazers


Trailblazers was developed in the health sector. It is a methodology that was employed to bring Healthcare Professionals together to promote more seamless and collaborative care.

There have been some very successful pieces of work developed as a result of being a ‘Trailblazer’, work that has produced significant cost savings and altered how services are commissioned.

However it is not only the health sector where ‘silo’ working occurs, and we have used the Trailblazers approach successfully across organisations and in communities

If you are frustrated by the lack of communication and collaboration in your organisation and/or with partner organisations then Trailblazers could help you.

Please contact us to find our more

quotes"Kind Minds has helped me understand that mental wellbeing should not be something
that is just checked upon at times of crisis, but woven into our daily activities.”


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